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Group Scheduling App


Group Scheduling App



Task: Design the interface of a an app to be used by groups and families when trying to align plans and events

Deliverable: Multiple designed screens and an animation to display a complete user interaction

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Insight: A home is only as strong as the relationships and the communication within it.

Research: As noted in a study published by Virginia Tech, communication can be divided into two different areas: instrumental and effective. Instrumental communication is the exchange of factual information that enables individuals to fulfill common family functions (e.g., telling a child that he/she will be picked up from school at a specific time and location). Effective communication is the way individual family members share their emotions with one another (e.g., sadness, anger, joy).

Healthy families are strong in each area.


Solve: The proposed design works to make both effective and instrumental communication simpler. It is meant to fill in the gaps of online event planning, enabling as much interaction as face-to-face planning. Rather than simply “denying” an event, the app will prompt you to give a response, and your group members will easily be able to refer to your response as the event approaches. Think of it as a more personalized, more communicative shared calendar.

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