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Narrative Science



I spent a summer in Chicago as the design and marketing intern for a high-growth artificial intelligence company, creating both print and digital work. Digital projects consisted of web banner and social media content design.


Ask: Condense a 12-page PDF about Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Deliverable: A single, digestible info-graphic to be shared via LinkedIn

Process: I took the existing PDF and created a sketch for each condensed section of the info-graphic. After having each sketch revised and approved by my supervisor, I moved forward with the design, mirroring the styles seen in the original PDF.

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Ask: A design solution to communicate which platforms were being used by the Narrative Science marketing team and when.

Deliverable: A technology stack diagram, to be shared across the senior leadership team

Process: I presented multiple concepts that would represent the flow of the team’s marketing technologies. The team moved forward with a funnel diagram to establish an obvious flow and consolidation of platforms.

Area of growth: This project required communication across multiple departments. It required a design solution that solved for a heavy amount of information and detail.

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