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Project Brave Woman

Project Brave Woman

Identity Design, UI AND UX DESIGN

Project Brave Woman works to provide a variety of women with a platform to tell their stories of bravery. By sharing these stories through a series of podcasts and articles, Project Brave Woman hopes to inspire a younger generation of women to hold these same meaningful conversations.

Task: Extend the experience of the PBW content by creating a compelling brand identity and UI/UX strategy

Deliverable: Brand identity guidelines, full desktop prototype, partial mobile prototype, print and digital marketing tactics


Brand Identity Process




Ask: Create an identity for Project Brave Woman that conveys strength and breaks away from common feminine branding.

Process: I initially asked Project Brave Woman’s founder to complete a questionnaire in order to better understand the core of the brand’s values and mission. Her responses were reflected in these first logo sketches.


Logo Iterations:


Final Logo:


The final logo works by holding a strong form while pulling in feminine details. The flag, a common symbol of bravery, held significant meaning to Project Brave Woman’s founder and therefore became an essential element of the logo.


Custom Illustrations

A custom illustration style will capture each woman’s originality in detail, paralleling the distinctiveness found in each story.


All branding elements were outlined in a final brand book. See the book here.


User Research

Before beginning the design of Project Brave Woman’s website, I was able to gather insight from over 10 professionals in the UX and podcast production space. I then conducted a variety of research including a competitive analysis, in-depth interviews, and affinity mapping.



See the video below to view the full prototype.


When speaking with members of Project Brave Woman’s target audience, a common response was, “Oh, I didn’t realize my favorite podcast had a website.” Because this specific site experience would be somewhat uncharted territory for users, I wanted to ensure that the user flow was as simplified and straight-forward as possible. For this reason, I chose a more traditional layout with the primary navigation at the top of the screen. I incorporated bold hero images throughout the site to play on the concept of storytelling, placing Project Brave Woman listeners at the forefront.