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The Chili Hut

The Chili Hut


The Chili Hut is Cincinnati’s favorite food truck. Specializing in Cincinnati-styled chili, The Chili Hut makes regular appearances around the Queen City, taking pride in its hometown spirit.

Ask: Drive app purchases, both on-site and pre-orders, by creating a new Chili Hut interface

Deliverable: A complete app prototype displaying complete interactions




Research: Prior to beginning initial sketching and concepting, I analyzed other successful mobile ordering apps. I placed a larger focus on each brand’s prioritization within their navigation, as well as the placement and frequency of different ordering calls-to-action.

I continued by creating a user persona. Because food trucks live in very specific contexts and deliver unique experiences, I wanted to ensure that I was truly understanding the preferences of the user.



I conducted further research into the importance of including a guest checkout. When considering the context of a food truck, we know that users are seeking a quick, on-the-go transaction. Because The Chili Hut’s main objective was to drive app purchases, I chose to focus on the guest check out user flow.

37% of consumers would abandon a checkout if they thought the site required account creation.

Baymard Institute





See the video below for the full prototype.